PD-100 Testimonials

Today I will be sharing with you some examples of when our PD-100 mask has helped people accomplish their tasks at hand.

Benjamin from Hawaii ~
"I am a private investigator on The Big Island of Hawaii (also known as The Orchid Island or The Island of Hawaii). I received my shipment of masks on Thursday and immediately put one to use yesterday, Friday. Drove south to take a picture of the volcanic eruption for a news outlet. Put the mask on when I observed clouds of gas. I parked and walked towards an area about fifty yards away to take the pictures. Another person was there wearing the older German mask--what I call a cone mask with eye covering and a single canister at the end. It didn't work for him because his lungs had been weakened by exposure to the Laze-Vog and haze, and it was too much effort for him to draw air through it. Mine worked fine, and when I let him try it, his comment was "Wow! Big Improvement!" When I got back to my car, I found that the mask and my Tychem QC suit were unchanged but the plastic pen I was carrying was partially melted, presumably from contact with hydrochloric acid, and the paper on the pad was discolored. When I got home I washed and inspected my equipment. The mask showed no damage--no hazing of the eye shield or any of the other parts. The rubber strapping was unchanged. Estimated time of exposure, 15-20 minutes, which includes the walking time."

A. Bagwell had this to say~
"I was insulating my 2000 sq ft basement and the first day I used just safety glasses and a woven 3m mask. The next day I was so sick and my asthma/allergies were killing me as I could hardly breathe. I made the investment for this mask and it was well worth it. The seal we nice and tight along with clear visibility the entire time. Even though I was sweating like crazy this mask never fogged, and I was even able to speak on the phone with my wife through the mask. When I was done I had no allergy/asthma issues and the filters showed everything I should have breathed in. Overall if you are an allergy/asthma suffer looking to do painting/insulation or other household chores that agitate your lungs or sinus I highly recommend."

F. Stewart shared this with us~
"I have tried 3 other full-face respirators in the past and all 3 of them have either not had a tight seal around my face or the plastic seal has hurt my face after less than an hour of wearing them. Immediately after removing this mask from the box, I could tell the materials were better quality than my previous ones. I was in the middle of putting polyurethane on a bunch of furniture I just built when the package came in the mail. I immediately twisted the filters on and put it to the test. This mask seemed to fit with a perfect seal and felt a lot more comfortable as well. I finished the job with this mask on, about 3 hours, and I never once smelled even a hint of the polyurethane and I didn't have a headache from the smell or the pressure on my face. I would highly recommend this full-face respirator to anyone who has the need for a respirator."

Scott Vercamp was upgrading masks~
"I have always just used the disposable white masks in the past, but I finally decided it was time for an upgrade. Needless to say, I am very happy that I chose this mask. It seals completely around my face and the disposable filters last for a while and when I feel that they have stopped working, I just buy another set, twist them on, and get back at it! Highly recommend."

*One Size Fits All
*High-density elastic straps ensure mask stability and an airtight seal
*Easy single filter removal and installation
*Anti-fog and impact resistant full-face lens
*Ergonomic, lightweight & portable design
*Factory sealed product and packaging 

*Material: Silicone, plastic, & activated charcoal
*Type: Activated carbon filtration
*Color: As seen in pictures
*Mask Dimensions: Headset
*Replaceable Single Cartridge System
*Durable breathing valve  

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