COVID-19 Disclaimer

In our efforts to meet the increased demand of our products during the COVID-19 outbreak, we must incur additional sourcing, manufacturing, freight, and labor costs. These costs are needed to continue to meeting supply needs at this time. Unfortunately, these increased costs must be passed down to the consumer. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Parcil Safety Product Authentication Information

At Parcil Distribution, we understand safety and product authentication is important to our customers.  As such, we want to reiterate that Parcil Distribution is the sole distributor of its branded products, which include the PD-100(PT-100), PD-101(PT-101), T-60(PT-60), T-61(PT-61), & ST-100X respirator masks, C-20 face shields, & P-A-1, P-A-3, KN-100, & P-D-1 filters.  We reserve the right to price our products as needed which depends on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) manufacturing capacity, shipping & logistics costs, material supply, & demand for the product. Furthermore, only the aforementioned products are covered under our warranties, quality guarantee, & independent testing.  If you would like to see what our masks are rated for please follow the below links to our ASTM Test PDF files.

American Society for Testing and Materials International Reports (ASTM Test Cover Letters - click on Model Numbers to access links)

Full Face Respirator Masks

 PD-100 PD-101 ST-100X
PD-100 Smoke Black PD-101 Smoke Black ST-100X Smoke Black
PD-100 Light Amber PD-101 Light Amber ST-100X Light Amber

Half Face Respirator Masks

T-60 T-61 AG-100


Replacement Filter Cartridges

 P-A-1 P-A-3
P-D-1 N-B-1


ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020

Full Face Respirators

PD-100 PD-101  ST-100X
PT-100 PT-101 NB-100
NB-100E NB-100V NB-100B


General Questions Regarding CDC & NIOSH

Q: Do filtering face-piece respirators (FFRs) not approved by the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), provide the same protection as NIOSH-approved respirators?

A:  As mentioned in CDC's strategies for optimizing respirator supply, certain other countries approve respirators according to these standards. These devices are evaluated using methods similar to those used by NIOSH and are still expected to provide adequate protection for healthcare personnel, given shortages of FFRs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Under these circumstances, the FDA believes these devices may serve as suitable alternatives for personal respiratory protection during this period of shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the CDC’s National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) has posted on its website Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response.

International Assessment Results | NPPTL | NIOSH | CDC

NPPTL makes no representation as to the authenticity of the samples received and assessed. As part of its standard respirator approval process for NIOSH-approved respirators, NPPTL conducts a comprehensive quality assurance review of the quality process and manufacturing site.


Chemicals Filtered by Activated Charcoal List

See here for list of common chemicals filtered

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