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Introducing the parcil X Mestel Collection

We are proud to announce our partnership with Mestel Safety, an Italian company with decades of experience creating the highest-quality rubber goods. They are particularly known for their safe and durable masks. This exclusive partnership now allows us to offer respirators for every member of your family, including your children.

Parcil Safety: the Mestel Collection is Italian-owned and American tested. Together, we're bringing safety to every family, with no one left behind.

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Ultimate Protection

At Parcil Safety, we don't take protection lightly. We sell strong products for strong people because we know our clients need the right protection to withstand brute force, rough conditions, and harsh environments. Every aspect of our respirators is created to provide high-impact, heavy-duty protection for your eyes, nose, mouth, and airways. Strong people. Stronger Products. Strongest Protection. That’s just how we do it.

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