About us

Who we are

Parcil Safety was founded in 2016 as Parcil Distribution. Our mission from the beginning has been to provide strong products for strong people. With the rise of civil unrest and the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, our mission drastically shifted: we need to provide American citizens with another option for personal protective equipment - one that is affordable without compromising quality. Safety's what we've been doing for years, and now it's a part of our name.

Our values

At Parcil Safety, we value transparency, communication, creativity, hard work, and growth. Those values bleed into every aspect of our business, from our in-house team to our network of influencers and affiliates. Our premium products are manufactured for safety, quality, and convenience. Every Parcil Safety product is independently tested to do exactly what it claims, so when you use a Parcil Safety product, you know you can trust it.

Our goal is simple: we want to help our communities get the protection they need to do their jobs and live their lives.
That's it.

Our team

We are a hands-on, dedicated team based out of the Midwest, who are committed to providing the best service we can to our customers. We take our committment to excellence personally, which is why we test our products out ourselves!

Every person you see in our creative content is a friend, neighbor, or customer. Every person you see uses and owns our equipment. We bleed authenticity into every aspect of our business because our brand isn't just about masks - it's about trust.

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