Bryant's Story: A Better Life for Wendy

Throughout this whole process, he was wearing our PD-100 respirator and never once experienced any symptoms.  "I wore your mask from the second I got out of my truck until I got back in my truck at the end of each day just to be safe.  I thought for sure the mask would be uncomfortable but I was prepared to wear it the whole time anyways.  Needless to say, after the first hour or two, I didn't even notice it was there.  Not once throughout the entire process did I experience the urge to cough or rub my eyes." 

PD-100 Testimonials

Today I will be sharing with you some examples of when our PD-100 mask has helped people accomplish their tasks at hand. Benjamin from Hawaii ~"I a...

Face Protection: Getting it Right

Vision and respiratory protection are extremely important for workers of many different professions including construction and manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, landscaping, health care, and professional sports.  OSHA explains when eye and face PPE should be used as follows:... In order for someone to wear a respirator around the workplace, they must first make sure the respirator works for them.  There are two tests that must happen before ever wearing a respirator for the first time: a fit test and a seal check.  OSHA states that the training must be comprehensive, understandable, and recur annually, and more often if necessary and at a minimum, it should include:

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