Bryant's Story: A Better Life for Wendy

Bryant sent us an email last week telling us how thankful he was that our products do exactly what they say they will do.  We were so happy to hear about his story that we have been emailing back and forth with him all week.  When we asked him if we could tell his story, he was more than happy to grant us permission saying "I would love to share my experience with other people as proof of a great product.  Everyone should know what your respirator has done for me."  ***Before making this blog post visible, we sent it to him to ask for his approval of validity to which he responded, "You nailed it!  Thank you so much!"

Bryant is a 32-year-old home builder from Western Kentucky with a wife and 2 daughters at home.  He and his wife have lived in their home for over 10 years now and never had any health issues.  Their oldest daughter Annie is now 4 years old and has also been a healthy child since she was born.  It wasn't until a year after Wendy was born that Bryant realized he had a huge issue that needed to be dealt with immediately.  For the first 15 months of Wendy's life, she battled random skin rashes, redness around the eyes, and coughing.  They had taken her to the doctor many times to try and get her some relief but the doctors couldn't figure out exactly what was wrong.  They had prescribed some different medicines that seemed to relieve the irritation some, but not completely.  

Since Bryant and his wife didn't have the funds to go on a honeymoon after they got married, they decided to go on one for their 10 year anniversary.  While they were in Aruba, Annie and Wendy stayed with his parents for the 2 weeks they were gone.  His parents continued giving Wendy the medicine she was prescribed.  To Bryant and his wife's surprise, they came home to an irritant-free Wendy.  How could this be?  What has changed?  Then it hit him.  He had to get his home checked out for potential allergens.  What they ended up finding out was the absolute worst-case scenario: black mold.   It wasn't just in one area of the house, it was present in over 80% of the walls in the house.  Bryant knew he was in for a long next couple of months.  

Bryant and his wife sat down together and went over their options together.  What they ultimately settled on was to strip the entire house down to studs and start over.  Even though he hadn't seemed affected by the mold so far, he didn't want to take any chances and purchased one of our PD-100 masks to help prevent him from any symptoms.  He moved his family to his parents' house to keep them away from the mold until he could get it taken care of.  

Bryant then began the complete demolition of the interior of his house wearing our respirator.  What he uncovered behind the drywall was appalling to say the least.  After replacing many of the wood structure beams and coating everything that was left in a mold removal solution, he then proceeded to re-finish the inside of their house.  Throughout this whole process, he was wearing our PD-100 respirator and never once experienced any symptoms.  "I wore your mask from the second I got out of my truck until I got back in my truck at the end of each day just to be safe.  I thought for sure the mask would be uncomfortable but I was prepared to wear it the whole time anyways.  Needless to say, after the first hour or two, I didn't even notice it was there.  Not once throughout the entire process did I experience the urge to cough or rub my eyes."  

Bryant and his entire family have moved back into their home and have been there for almost a month now.  Wendy's symptoms have all went away and she is set to be a happy little girl for her 2nd birthday party this weekend.  "My wife and I can't thank you enough for providing a quality product that was able to protect me from getting sick myself."

***Please note: names have been changed to protect identities.

It's stories like this that keep us focused on always providing the best possible product for our customers!

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