Compact, Durable Storage for Your Disaster-Prep Bag

• Compatible with industry-standard 40mm cartridges
• Provides full coverage and protection of eyes, mouth, and nose
• Ideal applications include protection from natural disasters, civil unrest, and smoke-filled environments
• Lightweight, easy to store, and easy to deploy
• Dual convex face shield enables wide field of view, sufficient cooling, and long-term comfortable wear

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Great Design, Even Greater Safety

• High-quality voice box allows clear communication without removing mask
• Intelligently designed so cartridges sit lower, eliminating visual obstructions
• Secure 5-point head harness loosens or tightens easily for desired fit
• Premium silicone designed for long-term, tear-free, damage-resistant use
• Replaceable, tear-off lens coverings provide scratch and stain-resistant, anti-fog, high-impact face shield

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P-A-1 Filter

Lightweight and Easy to Store

• Intuitive threaded design enables fast, split-second installation
• ASTM tested to filter 95% of particulates and organic vapors
• Combines with Parcil's PD-100 and T-60 models

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P-D-1 Filter

Durable for Tough Environments

• Long-lasting, damage-resistant, heavy-duty plastic cartridge
• Standard, 40mm threading for versatile use
• ASTM tested to filter 95% of particulates and organic vapors

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