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The year was 2020. The year that infamously changed the way people everywhere live. The way everyone survives. The US population is flooding the online markets, propelling consumer spending behavior 10 plus years into the future. Furthermore, from the emerging riots, the dreaded C-word (not cancer), unprecedented wildfires, a regression of the global economy, and uncertainties surrounding national health, brands will either wither away or rise from the ashes. Parcil Distribution & Safety is the latter. Although originally founded in 2017, Parcil hit their stride during the global pandemic, climbing to prominence as a respirator specialist & PPE powerhouse.

Parcil Distribution Highlights the Importance of Air Quality with Revolutionary Respirator Designs

Parcil Distribution is revolutionizing the $52 billion US PPE industry in more ways than one. The traditional model established by the giants of the industry includes countless markups, no specialization, and too many products that serve extraordinarily little purpose. Parcil flips the script by being vertically integrated, specializing in the highest quality of PPE, and incorporating revolutionary modular designs.

Parcil’s vertically integrated safety brand breaks the traditional format that requires manufacturing markups, trade markups, distribution markups, and retail markups. By owning the process from manufacturing to end user, they cut out the middlemen and create quality safety products at the fraction of the cost to their big brother competitors. Each respirator comes off the line and goes directly to one of their many sales channel for immediate purchase by the consumer.

Parcil Safety specializes in PPE and PPE only – a unique proposition in the US PPE market. Parcil creates high quality respirators and only brings product to the market that their customers want. By specializing in gas masks and respirators, Parcil Distribution can ride unprecedented trends, innovate quickly, and bring products to market that the big guys have overlooked.

Finally, through this specialization, Parcil has created a revolutionary respirator design that is modular, customizable, and built for any environment. All components are interchangeable with industry standard parts as well as Parcil proprietary pieces. If a customer needs a mask that takes 3M filters, wanting filter that fit on 3M masks, or want masks designed for glasses, they have it.

Parcil Respirators and gas masks come with an ASTM Tested form, independent tests to NIOSH specifications, 1-year manufacturer warranty, 30-day return policy, and 2-day shipping directly to customers’ doors. Parcil’s full-face masks incorporate impact resistant lens, anti-fog technology, voice amplification hardware, adjustable straps, and modular filter components – all wrapped in a cool and comfortable gas mask design. Their half face masks incorporate many of the same features, with the added benefit of pairing perfectly with eyeglasses.

All the above allows Parcil to bring high quality, customizable PPE products to the market at an affordable price point. Whether a customer is looking for protection during home improvement projects, arts and crafts, painting, smoke filtration, building out their boogaloo bag, or just to protect themselves from bad air quality – Parcil has a mask for you. Their masks can be found online on their website, www.parcildistribution.comAmazon.comWalmart.comHomeDepot.comeBay.

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