The Only Full-Face Mask for Painters

• Dual convex face shield design enables unobstructed, wide field of view
• ASTM tested to filter 95% of particulates and harmful organic compounds
• Face seal utilizes soft silicone compounds, enabling all-day comfort
• Compatible with Parcil's face shield covers to protect from overspray
• Non-grip straps reduce headaches and hairpulling without requiring adjustments

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Respiratory Protection With or Without Goggles

• Swept-back cartridge layout improves visibility
• Lightweight, portable model keeps you on the go
• Thoughtfully-designed structure reduces hot spots and pressure points
• Compatible with prescription glasses, sunglasses, or goggles of choice
• Strongly-sealed protection while maintaining all-day comfort

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P-A-1 Filters

Perfect for Easy Use and Storage

• Sealed shelf life of up to 5 years
• Easy to store, even easier to install
• Protects against the top environmental painting risks, including solvents and fumes

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C-10 Goggles

Protection to Pair with Half-Face Respirators

• Combine with any half-face respirator
• Scratch and stain-resistant, high-impact material
• Adjustable, one-size-fits-all strap

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