The Woodworker's Particulate Mask

• Sleek, minimalist structure for easy donning
• ASTM-tested to protect against dust and other particulates
• Soft silicone creates a comfortable and strong seal
• Improved durability for long-term, repeatable use
• Innovative design allows for precise, one-size-fits-all filament

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Instantly Transition From Sanding to Varnishing

• Dual-action filters protect against particles and VOCs
• Specialized Parcil-brand cartridges allow for increased peripheral vision
• Improved, dual convex face shield is anti-fog, stain, and scratch-resistant
• Intelligent ventilation structure creates cooling airflow for non-stop comfort
• Sturdy 5-point head harness enables individual adjustments

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Your Eyewear Your Way

• Woodworker's premium half-face choice for protecting against both particles and fumes
• Fits comfortably with prescription glasses or any safety goggles you already own
• Ideal to wear with hats, hoods, or helmets
• High-quality silicone provides upgraded durability and all-day comfort
• Cleverly designed structure maintains downward airflow to prevent fogging

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P-A-1 Filters

The Best Filter For The Job

• ASTM-tested to filter out 95% of particulates
• Durable shelf life of 5 years when sealed
• Round threaded filters allow for simple interchange
• Can be used with the PD-100 or T-60 model respirators

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