Optimal Protection from Smoke and Other Hazards

• High-impact face shield offers heavy-duty protection during accidents and natural disasters
• Anti-fog air circulation technology maintains clear visibility
• High-quality voice box allows clear communication without removing respirator
• ASTM tested to protect against airborne particulates, hazardous contagions, and organic vapors
•Creates strong seal while maintaining flexibility and range of motion

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Best Option to Use with Helmets

•Low breathing resistance supports increased cardiovascular demand
• Versatile interface connects with industry standard bayonet-style cartridges
• Durable silicone resists tears, damage, and wear
• Suitable applications include heavy smoke, toxic compound, and hazardous particulate filtration
• Adjustable straps allow for multiple filament options while retaining proper face seal and steady comfort

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P-A-3 Filters

Your 2-in-1 Dust and Pesticide-Protection Mask

• ASTM tested to filter organic vapors and 95% of particulates down to 0.3 microns
• Compatible with industry standard bayonet filter interfaces
• Versatile applications offer maximum protection against unexpected disasters

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P-A-3 Filter

The Best Filter For The Job

• Bayonet-style cartridge and pre-filter insert can attach to any compatible industry standard interface
• Dual-action filtration supports switching from particulate to vapor work without swapping equipment
• ASTM tested to filter dust particulates down to 0.3 microns and organic vapors such as benzene and gasoline

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C-10 Goggles

Perfect Protection to Pair with Half-Face Respirators

• 4 strategically placed air vents designed to prevent fogging
• Adjustable strap easily conforms without creating pressure points

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