For Protection Against Dust, Grass, and Other Allergens.

• Conservative, simple design that stores easy and wears comfortably
• ASTM tested to protect against 95% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns
• Suitable for fertilizing, spraying pesticides, mowing, and cleaning
• High-quality silicone to create a strong, comfortable seal
• Exhalation valve increases breathability while maintaining cool, dry comfort

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Heavy-Duty Protection for Heavy-Duty Jobs

• Compatible with any industry standard bayonet-style cartridge
• High-impact convex face shield maintains comfort and offers enhanced field of view
• Dual-cartridge filtration protects from toxic organic vapors and airborne particulates
• Replaceable, tear-away face shield cover preserves integrity of mask for long-term use
• Downward exhaust valve decreases retained heat and increases breathability

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Your 2-in-1 Dust and Pesticide-Protection Mask

• Lightweight, stable design to reduce user fatigue
• Adjustable head harness lessens need for fit tests, therefore saving costs
• Secure nose cradle provides anti-fog experience when combined with eyewear
• Filters organic vapors such as toluene, acetone, benzene, gasoline, hexane, and ketone
• Bayonet-style interface for versatile use

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P-A-3 Filter

The Best Filter For The Job

• Bayonet-style cartridge and pre-filter insert can attach to any compatible industry standard interface
• Dual-action filtration supports switching from particulate to vapor work without swapping equipment
• ASTM tested to filter dust particulates down to 0.3 microns and organic vapors such as benzene and gasoline

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C-10 Goggles

Perfect Protection to Pair with Half-Face Respirators

• Anti-fog and resistant to impacts, scratches, & stains
• Adjustable strap eliminates pressure and hair pulling
• Clear, high-impact lens with wide field of view

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