Jason's Story

It's no secret that at Parcil Safety, we're really proud of where we come from! We're Midwest born and raised, which means we treat everyone like family. So when we have the opportunity to build special relationships with customers, it means the world to us.

Jason, a long-time local Parcil customer, reached out to us to share how his son, Josiah, loves when he wears his PD-100 Full Face Respirator because he "sounds like Darth Vader."

Which gave our creative team a fun idea!👽

We asked Jason and Josiah to help us make a special promotion to commemorate May the 4th because we're all Star Wars nerds over here!
We hope you enjoy this wholesome, heartwarming video, and May the 4th be with you!

Read Jason's testimony below:

"I've always suffered from terrible allergies - especially during the spring. I started using full face masks to help reduce irritation when mowing and weedeating around the yard. I noticed a pretty much instant improvement in my allergy levels. When my wife and I started resin crafts together as a hobby, we found a new use for masks outside of landscaping. We've tried different masks over the years, but Parcil Safety is our favorite! We'll be lifetime customers."

If you want your own Darth Vader mask, check out the PD-100!

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